Welcome to Egge Museum

Traces of lives lived

People have lived their lifes at Egge for thousands of years, and on the Egge Museum premises we can see numerous traces of these lives. Burial mounds and rock formations from various eras are prominent in the landscape, and in their own way these features silently tell the story of those that came before us.

When you visit Egge museum, the stories come alive, and you are taken back to the Iron Age, to the Egge chieftain residence, to the cotter’s home, to the Steinkjer city of old, or whatever point in history you could imagine. Here you can also rest your back against an old log wall, have a cup of coffee, and take a journey through your own history. Whatever your motivation: Welcome!

The chieftains’ seat at Egge

Atop Eggevammen, with a view of the fjord, lies Eggetunet – where some of the most powerful chieftains of the Viking Era resided. Trond Haka, Olve and Kalv Arnesson are familiar names from the Viking sagas, and Kalv was among those leading the peasant army facing Olav Haraldsson at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. Many will also be familiar with Sigrid. As the wife of Olve, and later Kalv Arnesson, she spent many years as the mistress of the house at Egge.

The County Governor’s Estate – the chieftains’ seat of today

The restauration of the County Governor’s Estate from 1919 was completed in 2007, and with its beautiful wallpapers and stylish interior it is presented as a modern chieftain residence at Egge. Please contact the museum if you want to visit the County Governor Estate.

Open- air museum

In the courtyard at the open- air museum, you’ll meet the maid or the farm hand. They can tell you many stories of the houses here, and life on a Trønder farm towards the end of 19th century. Children and adults alike can hear the story of why there are small chips of wood inserted in the walls of the pillared store house, and afterwards you can go over and pet the sheep or some of the other animals on the museum grounds. Maybe you’ll fancy some freshly- made waffels in the café?

The Tractor exhibition

Egge Museum has the largest collection of agricultural artefacts north of Dovre, and in the exhibition hall you can see agricultural machinery, especially tractors, from several stages in history.

Steinkjer – portraits of a city

In the exhibition hall of the open-air museum, you’ll also find the exhibition “Steinkjer – portraits of a City”. Here you can see pictures and artefacts from the Steinkjer of days gone by, and walk down a shopping street as it may have appeared in Steinkjer in the time between World Wars I and II.

At the Little General Store the children are in charge. Here, you’ll find large paper money and shelves filled with old tins and boxes, and a small wood- burning stove to prepare coffee for thirsty customers. Put on an apron and let the trading begin!

Opening hours: 

Season 2023: June 18 – August 06: From 11:00 am to 15:00 pm. Closed on mondays.

Entrance fee: NOK 80.00 (Events may have other prices.)
Free for children under age 18.


Egge Museum is situated 5 minutes north of the centre of Steinkjer in Trøndelag.