The Viking Festival at Egge

Welcome to The Viking Festival at Egge 10-12 July 2015!

The many-sided festival program will attract visitors of every age. The Viking Festival especially wishes to communicate with the children, both in order to give them an exciting experience and to encourage their interest in their own history and roots.

The Viking Festival at Egge is a major event for anyone with interest in the Viking age. The festival has special attractions for children; a viking playground with all kinds of viking activities, competitions and plays. The scary and funny viking Silkeskjegg appears every day in a children’s theatre performance. The adult visitors can also enjoy a variety of happenings; the Viking Market offers all sorts of arts and crafts from all over Europe. Finally, there are exhibitions and historic lectures for you to attend, you can become aquainted with the viking cuisine and viking mead, watch etc. The festival is arranged every second year.

 We are looking for competent craftspeople, market participants, jugglers, musicians, and warriors!

The Viking Festival at Egge is a three-day festival for the family, held at the historic Viking chieftain’s residence at Egge Farm in Steinkjer, North Trøndelag.  The Festival is held every two years, and Egge Museum is responsible for the arrangements, 2015 marks the 10th time the festival will have been held.  We have strong professional content with a market, entertainment, a family theatre lectures and exhibitions.

The Viking Festival at Egge emphasises historical accuracy, staging, rich communication skills, fun and enjoyment, good communication and involvement with the audience.  The guests at the Viking Festival will get to see and try, smell and taste.  We will journey back in time!

Are you interested in participating?  We would like to make arrangements with you as early as possible, so come right along!

Please send us a presentation of what you/your group/your team has to offer.

Please contact: Maiken Lien Jorgensen, mob.  915 69 545,